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The following describes the upgrades made to the latest HomePuter® FPS Version 9.1.3 software.  

Note to Customers: 

To check your current version, open the HomePuter® FPS software.  Click 'Help' at the top right and then 'About HomePuter® FPS.'


HomePuter® FPS v9.1.3
FHA Mandatory Updates:

  There have been mandatory updates to our Compliance Check feature, and to the MISMO XML coding, in compliance to new FHA updates that are effective immediately.

  Also, as a reminder, it is mandatory effective immediately to use the UAD for the 1025 and 1004C forms when doing FHA appraisals, or for any client that requests the UAD be used. After completing your reports for all UAD forms, be sure to use the "Check Compliance" feature and repeat using it until no more correction pop-ups are displayed for the report.

  In addition, as a reminder, there was a Compliance Check rule that was added last year to ensure the proper format, placement, and MISMO XML coding of the FHA Case Number. The proper format, placement, and MISMO XML coding of the FHA Case Number is now mandatory effective immediately for all FHA Appraisals.

Other Mandatory Industry Updates:

   Mandatory Industry Updates to the XML, ENV, and PDF Specifications
   Additional Compliance Checks added to the Compliance Checker.

   Note: This upgrade includes all updates from all previous upgrades.

HomePuter® FPS v9.1.0 - 9.1.2

  The UAD has been added to the "Small Residential Income Property Report" (FNMA 1025 March 2005), and the "Manufactured Home Appraisal Report" (FNMA 1004C March 2005).

  The FHA has added new rules to the current UAD forms and also to the 1025 and 1004C forms for their new Electronic Appraisal Delivery portal (EAD).  Our Compliance Checker checks your reports for compliance to these new rules to prevent the new FHA EAD Hard Stops.

  Fannie Mae 2065 is now AI Ready for Delivery by AppraisalPort® or ENV file.


Forms Added:

  Wells Fargo RVS Desktop Appraisal 02/2014

  Chase Desktop (Generic Design) 10/2012

  USDA Rural Development (RD) GRH Appraisal Addendum 08/2008

  Appraiser Independence Certification 05/2013

  Privacy Notice

  Southwest Desktop Appraisal 03/2012

  Disaster Inspection Exterior Report 07/2014

  Disaster Inspection Interior Report 07/2014


HomePuter® FPS v9.0.0

  Comp (CU) Consistency Checker - Allows you to check Subject and Comparable properties for prior use and inconsistencies in every report.  It also allows you to select and re-use any prior Subject or Comparable property by inserting it into your new report along with the corresponding photo.



  Mandatory XML Updates for Allstate Appraisal L.P., eTrac, and Nations Valuation Services (NVS)

  Mandatory Industry Updates to the XML, ENV, and PDF Specifications


HomePuter® FPS v8.2.0

  A Compliance Check has been added to ensure the proper format, placement, and MISMO XML coding of the FHA Case Number.    The proper format, placement, and MISMO XML coding of the FHA Case Number is now mandatory for all FHA Appraisals.   If you are an FHA appraiser, please install this upgrade ASAP.

  New MISMO XML Digital Security using RSA Encryption Technology developed for appraisal reports by the FHA for the FHA EAD, has been added and will be mandatory sometime this year.


HomePuter® FPS v8.1.0

UAD Compliance Checker Checks Required Fields to Prevent UCDP Hard Stops, Warnings,  and Fatal Errors.


  XML, ENV, and PDF Compliance Updates


HomePuter® FPS v8.0.0

StreetLinks Plug-in.  If you upload reports to StreetLinks then you need to install this upgrade and use the Plug-in to deliver your reports.  Using this Plug-in is now mandatory for StreetLinks.


HomePuter® FPS v7.6.4

Solidifi Compliance Upgrade.  If you upload reports to Solidifi then you need to install this upgrade to stay in compliance.


HomePuter® FPS v7.6.3

Added the FHLMC BPO Form - Broker's Price Opinion  - Freddie Mac Form 1092 10-1995


HomePuter® FPS v7.6.2

Added the HFDV4 Form - HomeFocus Desktop Valuation 1-2008


HomePuter® FPS v7.6.1
Updated Photo Drag and Drop and Photo Copy and Paste.


HomePuter® FPS v7.6

We have added the following updates and forms.


  The Latest Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac UAD Version 1.6 Updates were
    mandatory on January 2, 2014 and are as follows:

    Two (2) Updates to the Sales Comparison Approach section:

        Updated programming and instructions for “Design (Style)"

        Updated programming and instructions for “Garage/Carport"

     When filling out the “Design (Style)” and “Garage/Carport” fields in the Sales
     Comparison Approach, right click the fields and follow the instructions.

  Auto-Mapping for the REO, ERC, 2010 Land Form, and Additional Listings
     forms.  Comparable Sales and Listings can be mapped on the same map
     and are easily identifiable.

  Updated Spelling Checker


  Latest 2014 USPAP Addendum

  Latest 2014 UAD Definitions and Abbreviations Addendum

  Latest Supplemental Real Estate Owned Appraisal Addendum

  Latest VA Compliance Inspection Report  Form 26-1839 

  Latest VA Cleveland RLC Client Requirements 

  Latest Environmental Compliance Record  HUD

  Latest Revised Lead Based Paint Certification - Second Revision  HUD

  Latest Minimum Property Requirements (MPR) Repair Items

  Latest Non-Minimum Property Requirements (Non-MPR) Repair Items


HomePuter® FPS v7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 7.4, 7.5
  All New Interface. 

The new interface speeds up making your complete report by:

   •  Streamlining the process

   •  Eliminating extra steps

   •  Faster organization of forms and addenda.

Benefits of the New Interface are:

1)  "Select Form(s)" has replaced the Job Manager

2)  The report is handled as one file through "Open Report" and "Save Report"

3)  No more saving of individual files for forms and image files..

4)  The main screen shows all of the forms in the report for instantaneous selection.

5)  Photo pages are now integrated into the report appearing as standard looking

     photo pages instead of a separate program

6)  Sketch, Map, and Misc. addenda now appear as standard looking addenda

     showing the entire addendum and image.

6)  Merging duplicate information is now automatic through the entire report..

7)  Forms and images are now automatically integrated into the report and there

     are no separate files or images to save and keep track of.

8)  Reduces photo size automatically

9)  Opens previously saved "Job" files saved with the old versions of our software.

10)  Easier cloning of reports, making templates, merging from other reports, and

       conversion of other reports.

11)  Designed for an easy learning curve and even includes a Classic Mode

       meaning you can revert back to your current interface if you do not want

       right away with the new interface.

12)  Compatible with old HomePuter® files back to 1985.

13)  Easy transition from the old classic interface.

  Easy Learning Curve For New Users,  Making an Easy Transition from Other


  New USPAP Addendum

  New Wells Fargo RVS Form

  "Recent Files" Selection

  Mandatory Updates for UAD and MISMO XML

  Mandatory Updates for AI Ready


HomePuter® FPS v6.0, v6.1, v6.2, v6.3, v6.4, v6.5 :
  Our New Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac / FHA / VA UAD Version 9/2011 Compliant Interface (licensed separately).  Note:  The UAD Interface can be turned On or Off, for UAD or Non-UAD reports.

  Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac MISMO 2.6 GSE XML Delivery w/Embedded PDF

  Our New Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac / FHA / VA Compliant High-End Scrollable Form Interface for the Four Required UAD Forms 1004, 2055, 1073, and 1075.

  UAD Upgrades to AI Ready

  Compatibility to clients that use HotSPOT 2011.  Save and upload your report directly through their interface in Native ACI or PDF format.  AMCs that use HotSPOT 2011 are, DataQuick, Equifax, and ServiceLink to name a few.

  New Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal Report.

  Compliant to the New Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal Report Auto Populated Fields.

  New Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) Definitions Addendum..

  Transitioning to Full Page Scrollable Forms as opposed to section-by-section

  Free Auto-Mapping has been added. The Subject and Comparables are Mapped and Labeled Along with the Straight Line Distances and Postal Equivalent Addresses


Fannie Mae has not changed the basic forms, but has changed the way the forms are filled out per the new UAD Version 9/2011, i.e., the Uniform Appraisal Dataset.

For the past 16 months, we have been working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to add a UAD interface for filling out the 1004, 2055, 1073, and 1075 forms including pick lists for the applicable fields.  In addition, we have added the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac standardized delivery format called MISMO 2.6 GSE XML.

Our July 4, 2011 release allowed appraisers time to prepare for the September 1, 2011 mandatory date.

Even though the HomePuter® software includes complete instructions and interface, there is also further information and "Training Resources" included at this link.


Because keeping this technology up-to-date and meeting deadlines is important to the appraisal industry, we are  licensing it separately to insure that customers are kept up-to-date throughout the year.